Mechanical Heart

What’s up CYK-O’s?!

So we are getting closer and closer to being back out and on the stage again. We also (as El-Taco has mentioned) have a whole new set waiting to be unveiled… Not only that but we have been working with a kick ass designer to get a much needed facelift to our artwork(not to be unveiled until we get closer to our first show back)! The last thing we need to complete is our first EP…

Here is where you come in!!! (Yeah YOU!)

As numerous bands before us, we have decided to start a crowdsourcing project to see if we can raise the money we need to do this right. We are aware that some people can’t afford to help and that’s okay, we are not dependent on this funding… we WILL get this EP created regardless. Now that we got that out of the way… If you can help, you will be rewarded with some pretty awesome perks! The first of which I will unveil in this post. We have had a special shirt design made by our new designer (Jason Bonaroti) that will be exclusive to people who donate at least around $30…

Mechanical Heart

You know you love it….

We are still putting together the final touches on the various perks, but look for it to hit the web sometime in the next couple of weeks!

~ Mr. G

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