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99 Problems…

Okay Cyk-O’s as you know we have been recording for a bit,  the goal of which is to get you the new music that you have been asking for as well as to write a whole new set of music for you all to be able to jam to upon our return. Our hope was to have this all finished by the end of February so we could start playing shows again by the beginning of March. Well right now we are done with neither (although there is progress in both). This presents us with a problem with our current timeline… either rush the recordings so we have enough time for writing… or rush song writing so we can spend the time we need on recording. Then to top it all off we also realized that we are recording music that we would not be playing at shows since we would be playing the new set…

Present a solution, not a problem…

Here is the solution we came up with… First, we are going to take the time to write a new set and have it polished before we start booking any more shows. Our commitment to delivering high energy, high quality music to our fans is very important to us. Second we will be taking the time to record a quality album using the NEW songs instead, so that when we do get back to playing shows you’ll have something to listen to outside of shows.

What are you trying to say???

Well basically all of this means that we will not be booking any more shows until we have these goals accomplished. This might take a little while and we are very sorry about that, but we feel that this is the best way we can deliver an awesome show for you as well as solidify some changes that have happened in our sound and line up. In the mean time we are going to try and finish up a couple of the songs we were recording and release them as downloads so you all have some new stuff to listen to. We will also be on facebook and will try to produce regular updates so you all will be able to see the progress.

One last problem…

This all means we don’t have an absolute timeline for being back on stage… It is killing us because our fans are the life blood of what we do and not being in front of you all is like loosing an arm.  Understand though that we will be working hard and moving as fast as we can to get back on stage… We will be developing a newer sound and a better stage show as well as some other awesome surprises.

We are NOT on a break.

This is not a hiatus… This is boot camp… and we need the Cyk-O Army’s support so we can get this work done and get back on stage! So any support you can lend us during this time would be awesome! Keep checking in with us and we will do our best to keep you all updated on the progress! Keep sharing our page and spreading the cykness! Keep being the most awesome fans and we will be back quicker than you realize!!!

Cyk Cylinder

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